Sonia Says Sit is taking a break from the 23rd of December till the 9th of January. 
All orders place in that time will be sent after the 9th of Jan
Private centre hire
Training Centre Rental
Our training centre provides an enriched, clean, safe, fully fenced play area.

Suitable for dogs who display dog reactivity, antisocial behaviours, prefer the company of people, dogs within their family or select known people and dogs.

Dogs must be supervised by a family member or guardian. 

Please note this is private play not a group play or training session. You will have the Training Centre to yourselves.
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Costs for one dog only:
- $35 for 30 minutes
- $60 for 1 hour
- $90 for 1 and a half hours
- $120 for 2 hours

Add Ons
- $10 for a second dog
- $5 for a third dog
- $5 for a fourth dog
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