"My aim is to help reduce the number of young healthy dogs being surrendered to shelters due to unwanted behaviours."

Sonia started Sonia Says Sit over ten years ago. She is a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse of more than fifteen years and is a Certified Dog Trainer with the Delta Institute.

Sonia teaches puppy preschool, group lessons, behaviour consultations and in-home lessons.
Training classes are force free and contain up to date positive training methods. Training has been shown to be the single most important thing that keeps dogs with their original family for life.

Sonia is a member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia and APDT Australia. She is also a regular participant in dog training conferences locally and internationally.
BOBBi burgmann

Bobbi has been working with Sonia Says Sit for more than six years and aims to help you better understand your dog’s behaviour and the way dogs learn.

Bobbi has a successful career in Health Care as a Diversional Therapist and was motivated to complete a Certificate IV in Companion Animals to learn about the benefits of the human-animal bond.

Bobbi teaches puppy preschool, group lessons and in-home puppy prep.
Susie joined Sonia Says Sit in 2021 and has quickly become a favourite of puppies and people alike. Her joyful enthusiasm and friendly nature are why. Susie teaches Puppy Preschool, Plays with puppies at Puppy Playgroup, enjoys Train and Walk visit and post pictures to make your day. She is currently studying with the Delta Institute to complete a Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training.
Ebanie has loved animals since she was little. As a kid she would try to save the mice her cats would catch and would buy the sick goldfish at pet stores and try to nurse them back to health. Ebanie has been a vet nurse for over 16 years and has a special interest in behaviour and training. Puppy preschool is her happy place. Ebanie says she loves seeing all the puppies’ personalities come out as the weeks go on.
Maddy has always had a passion for the animal industry and has a keen interest in animal behaviour. She is a qualified vet nurse, teaches puppy preschool at Northern Illawarra Vet Hospital and helps run our puppy playgroups. Maddy has been working with Sonia Says Sit since October 2021 and says she loves every second of it.
Fen has always had a interest in animals and has volunteered with WIRES for many years. She began with us as an eager volunteer back in 2020 at our group classes and during COVID made it possible for many puppies to enjoy safe, supervised, fun, socialisation. She is currently completing her HSC studies and works at our Puppy Playgroups.
Zsuzsa (Susie)
Suzie moved to the Illawarra from sunny Cairns. She has worked as a veterinary receptionist in a large busy practice and has a passion for dog behaviour, training and puppy preschool, she is currently completing a dog training course with the Delta institute. Suzie loves to be out and about exploring her new home with her 7 year old collie cross called Summer.

Did you know?

The RSPCA website states that during the 2013-2014 period, 70% of the dogs euthanized were because of severe behavioural issues.
The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) recommends the use of positive reinforcement training methods for dogs as the preferred method of training. The RSPCA supports reward-based training methods whereby the dog is set up to succeed and then rewarded for performing the ‘good’ behaviour (positive reinforcement).

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