Train & Walk
Improve the way your dog walks on the lead with a mentally and physically stimulating walk.  
This service is suitable to refine one of the following skills:
- Loose lead walking
- Recall
- Manners and strategies around food, people, and other dogs 
- Distraction training (birds, cats, traffic, noises, etc.)
- Build calmness and resilience
- Polite greeting and social etiquette 

Book your initial one hour one-on-one assessment session to create your tailored Train and Walk program to set you and your dog up for success.  

We offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 1-hour sessions.

*This service is intended for dogs with basic skills and understanding of training.
*This service is not suited for dogs struggling with reactivity or behavioural issues.
For Behavioural issues please book a Behavioural Visit.
Guardians do not attend the walk.
Agreed walking equipment to be used.
Location: Sutherland to Wollongong (please contact Sonia directly for pricing and options outside of these areas)


$55 for 30min
$70 for 45min
$100 for 1 hour
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